Low Energy Building Advisory Services

CD Consulting are certified Passive House (Passivhaus) Designers & Consultants. Passivhaus buildings provide a high level of occupant comfort while using very little energy for heating and cooling.

A 90% saving on annual heating costs is possible. Consider that modern houses use between 100-150kWh/m² for heating. 220m² @ 125kWh/m²= 27,500kWh/year if using home heating oil that equates to 2,535ltrs of oil a year, currently at 48p/ltr – £1,215 heating cost for the year.

Using Passivhaus this can drop to 220m² @ 15kWh/m²= 3,300kWh/year, if using home heating oil that equates to 305ltrs of oil a year, £146 heating cost for the year. The key principles of Passivhaus are reducing heat loss, through improved insulation and airtightness, whilst maximising the solar gains through careful sizing and orientation of windows and doors.

“Simply combining appropriate components is not sufficient to construct a building as a Passivhaus the integration as a whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts. The component integration necessitates an integral plan in order to achieve Passivhaus standard.”Passive House Planning Package (2015)

There are many myths in relation to Passivhaus in, e.g. costly to construct, can’t open windows, modern odd looking buildings. Consider the single storey detached bungalow, certified PassivHaus, built to a standard spec finish, costing approximately £67 per ft² , built by builders Moffitt & Robinson.

It is just as easy to build Passive, if you have designed with the principles in mind from the start, feel free to contact us to discuss.